Mystic Green is a company which reconnects Nature with People. Mystic Green is a venture by two youngsters who believe Mother Nature can Enhance Health & Happiness. We are two people, one Mr.Krishna Kumar with a Management degree & the other Mrs.Uma Krishna with a Biotechnology degree , working towards our common vision “LET’S SPREAD A HEALTHY LIVING !!”.  We believe only Nature can create an Healthy Living.

   We are into production of Natural Products that are rich with Micro-nutrients i.e Mystic Spiro (Spirulina), Spiro Amla ( Spirulina + Amla), Wheat Grass, Mystic Fiber (Banana Stem Powder) for the last 5 years. All our products are 100% natural and our grown in farms that are away from pollution zone. These supplements are Gift From Nature to Humans . These contain many Nutrients i.e Pigments, Antioxidants, Vegetable Protein, Vitamins & Minerals which are essential to promote a Healthy Living.

Generally, we have read many articles on positives of Green Tea. Knowing the benefits we are still unable to consume Green Tea, reason being a taste which many of us don’t prefer. Considering our vision & the current analysis on green tea ,we have a new product with green tea Royal Spice – Rich in Taste & Rich in Antioxidants. This product is a blend of Rich Indian Spices with Premium Green Tea.

    Theses Supplements enhance our overall health at different levels from person to person without any chemical additives theses Enrich our Body & Mind.

  We are looking forward to Regenerate, Rejuvenate & Rejoice Health from our supplements in future!!

  We shall update more on each of our products on the following blogs.