Spirulina is a food supplement. Spirulina reduces the chances of infection & it increases the energy which is needed during an antibiotic course or any therapy. On due course of time spirulina works towards the restoring of body function there by maintaining the condition from deteriorating.
Yes. Spirulina is an excellent natural bleach . Naturally available Pigments in Spirulina enhances the skin texture and gives elasticity . We have a first quality Spirulina rich with GLA and Pigments for the skin .
Spirulina can be added to any food & drinks and directly. It should not be boiled & heated. At high temperature spirulina loses its essential qualities.
There is a rapid reduction in the accumulation of glycogen during typhoid & water balance is disturbed and causes colitis & loose motion. Typhoid patients should avoid protein rich food because digestion is difficult and hence spirulina should be avoided.
Spirulina can be consumed more than 2g but with intervals. It results in better absorption & assimilation.