Unwind Your Soul with a cup of Herbal Green Tea

Today being the INTERNATIONAL TEA DAY. We as producers asked a question to our consumers.

What is the reason for drinking tea?

Mostly we were told, it’s refreshing after a tiring day, it’s a custom of having tea, tea has less caffeine than coffee, tea gives a morning punch, and so on.,

All theses has brought us to think are we making our tea the right way?

When we love our milk tea with an extra dose of calories as a sweetener. We are only enjoying our tea in a monotonous feel which does not last long and overtime it gives us all the above response.

It is well known that tea is rich with Antioxidants. When milk is added along with tea, this antioxidants reacts with the protein from milk which reduces the benefits of antioxidants. Hence tea is best without milk. Knowing the benefits of various types of tea i.e promotes weight loss, removes toxins, relieves stress, combats fatigue and the effects of calories from the sweetener we are still so addicted to the sweetener that we add them for the extra calories. To enrich the tea with taste without calories any sweetener from plant source i.e. stevia or licorice can be added.

Today, we are all looking back at the saying “Prevention is better than Cure”. Hence we are all moving to know the benefits of Black tea (without milk), Green Tea, Oolong Tea, White Tea, Tisanes (a brew of fruit, herb or spice) to get benefited.

After an in-depth study, we at Mystic Green believe “Food is health” have developed various types of Green Tea & Black Tea infusions. Basically, to enhance the taste of green tea or black tea we have added beneficial herbs, spices, flowers or fruits to make an infusion. Our Infusions include: ROYAL SPICE, LEMONGRASS & GINGER, HIBISCUS BLOSSOM, CINNAMON & MINT, and EDEN ROSE. These infusions are “Rich in Antioxidants” & “Rich in Taste”.

Many of us are new to these tea’s hence we are proud to initiate the process of making these tisanes.  Place a Pyramid Tea Bag (2g) in a cup. Boil water to its boiling point (100°C). Remove the boiling water from the stove. After a minute pour 110ml of hot water (approx. 80°C) into the cup. Rest the Tea for 3 minutes. Remove the Pyramid Tea Bag. No Sugar, No milk is required.

Enjoy the mystical taste of the tisane. Every cup adds a sensation to your inner self!!

Let’s Spread Healthy Living!!!

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